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Now at Crystal Springs Resort...

The Singing WineGuy

The Singing WineGuy is an original and unique entertainment product!
It represents the combination of two passionate career paths
which have been 
cultivated over the past 20 years. Those paths were forged simultaneously yet separately...UNTIL NOW!

This exciting entertainment product offers you a true character in Jon Darios as
The Singing WineGuy.  He will enlighten your guests to the Joy of Wine Tasting and the Beauty of Music Appreciatin. 

WINE and MUSIC are introduced to YOUR audience by way of historical,
cultural, personal story, or other parameters that fit the particular occasion,
audience or wine selections. With an approach to "information entertainment"
very similar to The Travel Channel, TLC, The Food Network, and others,
Jon will foster a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere of wine and
music appreciation which will have FABULOUS appeal to your guests.

The Singing WineGuy is the PERFECT addition or Main Attraction for your Big Event!

The Singing WineGuy is Protected under Trademark and Copyright Registration.

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